More on Iran

A couple more items regarding Iran:

  • Marc Ambinder talks about being careful in analyzing info.
  • Nice infographic-y video from several months ago titled Iran: A Nation of Bloggers.
  • Impressive photo of the crowd at today's opposition rally. And another. That's an awful lot of people. (At least those are apparently of today's rally; I saw a comment somewhere that some of the videos that are marked as being post-election were actually taken during rallies leading up to the election. But I have no reason to think these particular photos were not taken at today's rally.)

4 Responses to “More on Iran”

  1. Mary Alexandra Agner

    That’s an awful lot of people.

    That’s an awful lot of men, no offense intended.

  2. Jed

    Yeah, most of the close-up photos and videos do show overwhelmingly male crowds, perhaps unsurprisingly.

    But I’ve certainly seen women in the photos and videos, even though not nearly as many as men. And in the two photos I linked to here, the people are too tightly packed for me to be able to tell for sure what gender most of them are. Most likely, the vast majority of them are indeed male, but I can see a few toward the bottom right of that first photo who look female to me.

    Or am I misunderstanding what you’re getting at?

  3. Jed

    On further thought: now I’m thinking that most or all of the bare arms in that second photo likely belong to men (is that what you were referring to?).

    Btw,’s The Big Picture has a page of about 40 large photos of events in Iran in the past few days, some of them very compelling. There are more women in those–though still a small minority of the people shown.

    • Mary Alexandra Agner

      I was commenting on the lack of women. It was the second thing that struck me. I have, since my original comment, seen many pictures with women in them, but in the two you linked to originally I didn’t see any. I do admit, it was difficult to tell but I also thought the bare arms would indicate men rather than women.

      Thanks for linking in the first place.


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