Best Trekfic EVER: litcrit slash

I wasn't going to post any more tonight, but this is way too good not to share:

The idea of the Star Trek XI Kink meme LJ community appears to be that one person anonymously requests a set of Star Trek characters and a kink, and another person anonymously writes a (generally sexually explicit) fanfic piece featuring those characters and that kink.

In this case, the requester specified four different sets of characters. (That whole page is NSFW, btw.) The requested kink?

"Please apply the techniques of at least one school or theory of literary analysis to any of the following pairings."

The resulting four very short pieces of Trekfic (on the same page, immediately following the request) are totally hilarious and totally brilliant. I had to (um) bite a pillow to avoid laughing loud enough to wake the neighbors.

The writer is a genius. Go read it.

2 Responses to “Best Trekfic EVER: litcrit slash”

  1. Debby B.

    Ok, I agree. This is the best Trekfic ever. Maybe you have to have gone through an English M.A. with all the idiotic pretentious graduate students trying to use words that have no meaning as if the multisyllabics made them important (wow do I have attitude), but this fic had me and John rolling in the aisles.


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