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Q: After one has finished putting away the perishable food in the refrigerator and freezer, what is the first thing one does in one's new house, if one is Jed?

A: Sets up Internet access. Obviously. I mean, what other options are there?

This evening, I came and picked up the keys to the new house, then Kam and I went to the old condo and got a couple carloads of stuff from the garage, mostly stuff I wouldn't want movers to move. (Fragile, important, unboxed, etc.)

Brought it to new place; stacked it in master bedroom for lack of better place to put it all; moved bed into master bedroom; went downtown (so close by!) for dinner. Then back to Kam's, where I gathered up about two-thirds of the stuff I had there and brought it over to the new place, arriving around midnight.

Put food away, then found the cable that the previous owner left for me, attached my cable modem, attached my Time Capsule, and voila! Internet access!

I am pleased.

There's a fair bit to do here. I want to have the place cleaned, and make a list of the (few) little things that need fixing, and move the furniture out of the guest room and place it in appropriate places around the house. And then I need to move my remaining hundred or so boxes, plus half a dozen bookcases, from the old condo, which probably means hiring movers again. (Any recommendations for Bay Area movers?)

And the niceness of the new place is making me want to get nicer stuff to go with it, especially a dining-room table. And I should probably put a carpet or two on the living room floor.

So it'll be a while before everything about the place is as entirely ideal as I want it to be. But even so, I'm really pleased to be here.

PS added a bit later: Kam brought me back a stuffed animal from Japan: a kitsunerisu, a fox squirrel, as seen in Nausicaa. Kawaii! Oddly, it's labeled as being a Laputa toy; apparently a fox squirrel made a brief appearance in that movie too—I don't remember. But I associate it with Nausicaa, which is my favorite of the Ghibli movies. Anyway, regardless of its provenance, I'm pleased to have it here with me.

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  1. Michael

    Welcome to your new house!


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