The night has been long, ditto ditto my song

Let's try that again.

The past couple weeks have been kind of a blur. Or a daze. Or a dazed blur.

Last week was rougher than I'd expected. Also more social and busier.

After the difficult day a week ago (thanks again to all the Facebook folks who offered sympathies and such), I spent two days at the annual gathering of tech writers at work, known as Burning Pen. What I attended of it was fun, but I missed most of it because (a) I had a major deadline impending, and (b) laptops aren't allowed.

Friday night I hopped a plane to LA. Stayed with Jay & Holly and my niece. Saturday, had lunch with Jessica & Matt (who sadly won't be nearly so easily accessible soon; makes me wish I had visited them more often while they were this close) and attended a lecture on Greco-Egyptian magic, which was interesting but I kept drifting off, due to not enough sleep the night before.

Had dinner with Jenn & Chris, who fortunately came to J&H's neck of the woods because I probably wouldn't have been awake enough to drive back from their place if we'd met there.

Good to see all of you, of course. And sorry to miss other LA-area folks.

Sunday I helped J&H pick out a new computer; then Gabrielle & Ethan & Phoebe and Gabrielle's mother Penny came over. Which was also very nice. It's not every day that you get to meet your half-sister's mother for the first time.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were even more of a blur, because they've been dedicated almost entirely to finishing preparations for this morning's launch of partial documentation for Chromium OS (the first video on that page is worth watching; a cute little animated introduction). I was temporarily helping out on that project, but it kind of ate my work life; I've done very little on my primary project in the past couple weeks. Really must focus on that now.

Also, Ananda & Sam are visiting. And I'm way way behind on everything magazine-related, including answering some important emails and sending responses to stories and doing some very important and time-sensitive administrative stuff. And I haven't been sleeping well or enough (though as always, I feel silly saying that when I know some of y'all have babies who aren't sleeping through the night). So I'm kind of low on energy and brainpower.

I feel like time's been slipping away fast lately. It's like one of those anxiety nightmares where every time I look up, another couple hours have passed and I haven't gotten anything done. Not sure where all the time is going.

But certainly the parts of it that I've spent with friends and family lately have been worthwhile.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Me too. Right now I have a constant sense of falling further and further behind, even though I’m working consistently and being very productive. Argh.


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