Social week

Last weekend: Friday was Cirque du Soleil; Saturday I did a bunch of poking through old files (I think), then attended a boardgames evening; Sunday I hosted a writing day. As happened last time, three or four other writers showed up, and again it turned out none of them knew each other. This time the unexpected connection was that two of them had attended the same high school at the same time, but hadn't known each other.

Wrote 3000 words of fiction that day, in four hours of writing; I've been usually doing about a thousand words an hour, so this wasn't as productive as some other recent writing times, but I did also take some notes and rearrange some stuff and work out some other stuff.

Monday, my Clarion friend PJ arrived. Haven't seen her since, what, 2002? 2003? Maybe as recently as 2006, I forget. But nonetheless too long ago. She was passing through California, so she stayed in my guest room for a couple days. She took many fine photographs of cemeteries during the days, and showed them to me in the evenings. Cemeteries are fascinating, and PJ is as knowledgeable about them as about many other things.

She flew off on Thursday. Thursday evening, I had dinner with Jessica, who was briefly in town.

This evening, hung out and watched Caprica episodes (about which more later, but note that we're way way behind) with Kam; then we went and picked up Naomi at the airport.

Tomorrow, various socializing possibilities, then dinner with Debbie and Alan.

Sunday will be my birthday. No particular plans as yet.

In amongst all the social activity, have been trying to squeeze in magazine work and various other important and long-overdue projects. Have not been terribly successful at that. Hoping to make another go at it tomorrow.

Lovely to see everyone. Am approaching the point of needing some social downtime, but wouldn't have passed up any of the socializing.

And I got a bit of downtime today; worked at home. Attended a meeting by teleconference, but mostly spent the day on my own. Sat outside on the back lawn in the sunshine for lunch and read a bit of a book. Later, played some DDR. Also got useful work done. All very pleasant.

Sadly, did not manage to call back any of the friends who were expecting phone calls from me. Apologies. Soon.

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