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It occurred to me a while back that I'm posting stuff in a bunch of different places these days, and it's not clear from most of those places that the other places exist. Also, people reading my postings on my site don't have any way of knowing that they can read them elsewhere. I should probably put some links in a sidebar somewhere to all this stuff. But for now, here's a list.

I'll start with my Twitter account: elysdir. I post anywhere from once a week to a few times a day.

My tweets also appear in the right-side sidebar on my blog's main page.

My tweets (except for the replies-to-others) also get automatically passed along to my Facebook account. On Facebook, I also once in a while post Facebook-only status updates, or photos directly from my iPhone. And I do a lot more commenting and Like-ing of other people's status updates on Facebook than on Twitter. (In theory, my Facebook posts are supposed to be visible to everyone, even people without a Facebook account. In practice, they don't seem to be; not sure what's up with that.)

My main blog can be seen in several places:

  • My site. (It's better-formatted here than elsewhere, but less convenient for most people to read as part of their regular blog-reading.)
  • Syndicated on LiveJournal as jedediah and on Dreamwidth also as jedediah.
  • Forwarded to Facebook as Notes.
  • In a feed reader pointing to my Atom feed.

(But note that I read comments only on my site and in Facebook. Almost all of the comments I get these days are on Facebook, which leads me to suspect that that's where most of y'all read my blog. I wish I could attach my other blogs to my Facebook account so all my postings would show up there, but they only allow one blog connection last I checked.)

Also in the right-hand sidebar of my main blog, I occasionally post "Links of Interest"—just one-line links to cute or fun or interesting stuff that doesn't require any explanation or commentary.

Then there are my other blogs:

  • Neology, my words-and-wordplay blog, which can also be viewed on LJ (syndicated as neologos), or on Dreamwidth (also syndicated as neologos), or in a feed reader as an Atom feed.
  • The blog about my father, which can also be viewed on LJ (syndicated as izdotso) or on Dreamwidth (also syndicated as izdotso; that page currently also contains a few entries from my main blog, but they'll disappear as I add more content).
  • With my SH editor hat on, I occasionally post to the Strange Horizons fiction info blog for writers who submit to us.
  • On LJ, I'm elysdir, but that account exists solely to read and comment on friends' LJs; I never post to that account.

Hmm, what else? I have an okcupid account that doesn't have my name associated with it, so I'm not gonna link to that, and I don't post content there anyway. I have various other accounts in various other systems, but I pretty much never use any of them. So I think in terms of content that I post publicly, the above pretty much covers it. (Except for intermittent comments in other people's blogs and Facebook and Twitter posts, of course.)

Thanks to Josh for setting up all those LJ and Dreamwidth feeds!

2 Responses to “Where to find me online”

  1. Shmuel

    I wish I could attach my other blogs to my Facebook account so all my postings would show up there, but they only allow one blog connection last I checked.

    I don’t know how this would work from a technical standpoint, but might it be possible to create a giant RSS feed aggregating updates from All Of The Above and then choose THAT as the one connection for Facebook?

    • Jed

      Shmuel: Great idea. I’ve avoided that kind of thing in the past partly because I don’t want to include posts by other people on those blogs, but it hadn’t occurred to me ’til now to write some code to filter the Atom feeds. If I could aggregate the feeds of just my posts from all blogs, that does seem like it could resolve the Facebook issue, and it could also let me offer an everything-I-post feed to other people. Hmm. Will ponder further.


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