En route

Let me describe the past week. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Spent three days in Chicago, hanging out with Mary Anne et alia.

Thursday, flew to Philadelphia. Had remarkably good luck with all aspects of travel (after narrowly averting difficulty when I remembered, en route to O'Hare from my hotel, that I had left my garment bag (containing my new suit) in the hotel room closet).

Had dinner with Annie and Tivi on Thursday, and checked into the Best Western Widener. The hotel gave me their special “Green Room,” with various environmentally improved features, such as dispensers in the bathroom instead of little bottles.

(One problem with this approach was revealed when I discovered that the shower-gel dispenser was empty. It remained empty for the three and a half days of my stay, as the hotel proved weirdly incapable of refilling it. Still, neat idea, and I still like the hotel.)

Friday through Sunday, I attended my 20th college reunion. Had a good time; had nice long talks with several good friends; didn't quite manage to chat with several other friends who I never quite seem to manage to chat with. Saw fireflies on Friday evening. Sang rounds under the belltower on Saturday afternoon. Played Name Game. Attended official class dinner, but at the last minute decided I wasn't up to talking with people I didn't really know, so ate with folks I've been in more recent touch with; but during dessert, did manage to have a nice long chat with Lane & Clif, who I haven't seen in too long.

Not going to list all the other people I talked with, as would likely forget some. But lovely to see everyone.

Sunday late afternoon, drove out to Lancaster; spent the next three days visiting Stephanie. Finally met her sister (who's married to someone I went to both high school and college with). Had Greek food, attended benefit art auction for the upcoming local GLBT Pride event, saw Amish people at the thrice-weekly farmers' market, visited local heritage museum (including 1920s print shop).

Today, after a late start, drove back to PHL, with a brief stop to say hi to Jim and to Annie & Tivi in Swarthmore en route.

Plane ride to LAX was uneventful. On arrival, discovered that plane home (to SJC) had been delayed by two hours, so I'm now in the midst of a three-hour layover.

Briefly considered stopping by Jay & Holly's while I'm here (they live fairly near here), but in the end we decided that was not a great idea due to timing/logistics issues.

So am awaiting flight. It's now about 2:30 a.m. by my body clock; by the time I get home, it'll be more like 5 a.m.

Glad I'm working from home tomorrow.

And glad to be going home. Good to see everyone, but definitely time to be home.

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  1. Annie

    It was lovely seeing you, as alway. Tivi asked about you first thing this morning and expressed disappointment that you were gone. He wants to plan a trip to see you, but I had to tell him it just isn’t practical. He will get a trip to the Boston area this summer, which should satisfy him.

    I am glad your house met you at home, although you should be careful. You don’t know where it’s been!


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