Social day

Today (Sunday):

Had brunch with Karen K and her mother.

Drove to East Bay. Hung out with Beth & Catie & Sam & Sarah and Naomi for a while.

Drove Naomi to Corie's housewarming party. Chatted a little with Corie. Chatted more with Naomi, Zed & Jen, and Ananda & Sam.

Drove Naomi home. Drove to Rodeo and hung out with Ananda & Sam and their assorted canines.

Eventually drove home.

Good day. A lot of socializing, but most of it with old friends, which is easier for me than socializing with people I don't know well. A lot of driving, but some of it with friends and the rest with music from iPhone via car stereo. (Including a couple of Vienna Teng songs that came up randomly that I hadn't listened to very carefully before.)

And I cleverly buffered the socializing with a couple of days of minimal interaction with people beforehand, and a couple more days to come.

Tomorrow: Really must buckle down and do a whole lot of overdue magazine work. Also must pay assorted invoices. And finish up a couple of important condo-related items. And so on.

Quick condo update: Was going to go on market on Friday, but my agent had computer troubles. Will go on market sometime in next couple days.

And now, me for sleep.

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