Home safe

Don't know when or if I'll write up more about WorldCon. Some good stuff, some not-so-good stuff. Overall glad I went, but wish I had handled various things better, and definitely ought to have stayed in Australia longer to do sightseeing stuff. Ah, well. The flip side of that is that I'm really glad to be home after two solid weeks of travel and socializing.

Spent about 24 hours in Sydney, where I hung out with Jonathan W (I think we hadn't seen each other in like fifteen years; good to see him) and then went to the zoo. Took lots of zoo photos and video clips, including a fennec fox (I actually heard a young Japanese girl squeal “kawaii!”—my sentiments exactly) and a red panda and a bunch of other creatures; will post all those eventually.

The 12-hour plane ride home was uneventful. I had some difficulty navigating public transit to get home from the airport, but it all worked out in the end.

Came home, was pleased by my new front lawn (which Twig got installed for me while I was gone; the old one was mostly dead, as well as being too lumpy to mow easily), dealt with email, watched three episodes of Covert Affairs (I'll be giving up on it after next week's season finale, alas; I'd rather spend the time re-watching Alias). Had some food. Kam and Naomi came over, and I showed them my new plush echidna (acquired in Sydney airport in order to use up my Australian money) and a couple of photos, and we chatted. And I did bits of magazine stuff throughout the day.

I seem to be doing more or less okay on jet lag; a little groggy, but not actually terribly sleepy yet. Will try and go to bed soon anyway.

Tomorrow: gonna try to see a movie or two in theatres before they go away. Probably Salt, maybe Despicable Me, possibly Inception. Also assorted backlogged magazine stuff and other tasks.

Anyway, mostly just wanted to say I'm glad to be home.

But was also glad to see everyone I saw while traveling. And was pleased that several people I met at WorldCon Facebook-friended me afterward; hi, all!

Okay, time to read some more subs and then sleep.

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