Friday night, I belatedly remembered that I have strategies and techniques for improving my mood. So I rewatched a Gilmore Girls episode and started rereading a Jennifer Crusie book, and surprise! I started feeling better. Sympathetic email from a friend helped, too.

Saturday, I declined two fun-sounding social invitations in favor of not leaving the house all day. I finished reading a (non-Crusie) book; I watched another Gilmore Girls episode; I determined that the garden gargoyles I'm interested in (Eryl, Gryphon) are not in stock/on display at the San José retailer, making the decision of whether to put on clothes and drive a half-hour each way much simpler. So instead, I started making progress again on my sorting-all-the-papers project (which led me to rediscover two adorable and affectionate paper notes from niephlings of both kith and kin varieties, which also brightened my day considerably), while simultaneously making progress on my listen-to-all-my-unlistened-to-music project. And I did a bit of bookshelf-organizing. Let us not speak of exactly how far behind on reading various Year's Bests I am.

Oh, and I ran the Roomba (and doesn't that sound like a euphemism?) for the first time in weeks, and I made an extra payment on my home loan, and I put a load of dishes in the dishwasher. Exerting some control over my environment, I guess.

In the evening, I rewatched Over the Hedge, which is still hilarious, even though a lot of it is slapstick, which I don't normally like so much. Great cast, too. A certain aspect of the handling of Wanda Sykes's character is a bit politically unfortunate, but other than that, a very enjoyable movie, and nicely fit the bill for what I needed: relaxing fun fluff.

...Another reason I wanted to take things particularly easy today is that it would have been my mother's 70th birthday. That didn't distress me as much as this sort of anniversary sometimes does, but it's possible that knowing it was coming up has had something to do with my being tense this past week.

Speaking of which, I meant to say in my previous entry that I mostly haven't been talking with anyone this week. Apologies to those of you who've tried to reach me. I'm hoping to be more on top of things, and more capable of interacting with people, this coming week.

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