Countdown update

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the mysterious countdown that was happening on the Pronunciation Book YouTube channel.

Today, the countdown reached zero, and the final video was posted. It connects Pronunciation Book to a well-known Twitter account, believed until today to be a spambot, called horse_ebooks; it turns out that both Pronunciation Book and horse_ebooks have been part of a multi-year project that seems to have been, at least in part, the buildup to an interactive “choose your own adventure”-style video piece called Bear Stearns Bravo. I gather there's more to it than the video—for $7, you can sign up to become a member of BravoNET, which looks like it may be part of a game called Second Impact—but I'm hazy on the details.

For more about all this, see Susan Orlean's post in the New Yorker blog.

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