TWOP shutting down

I'm sad to see that Television Without Pity is shutting down on April 4. Looks like they'll be taking their content down, too.

I guess it's time for me to go re-read my favorite TWOP piece before it goes away: Jacob Clifton's marvelous delirious enormous recap of all of season 3 of Doctor Who.

Sample excerpt, from the part about “The Runaway Bride”:

The Companion for this story, played by the wonderful Catherine Tate, starts us off, walking down the aisle, neon family either side. She's always been stable, always kept her valence shell full, non-reactive; until she met Lance, until she met our Doctor, she was odorless, colorless, monatomic—but that's not why her name is Donna Noble. In every chapter of this story, you'll find a hymn: sometimes they're more hidden than others. Sometimes they're profane. But this is the Christmas Special, and so this is Donna Noble: give us peace.

I may also need to read some Veronica Mars recaps before I go see the movie.

I've never been a regular TWOP reader (which I guess means I'm part of the problem), but I've very much appreciated their work on many occasions. Farewell, TWOP!

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