How not to ask neighbors to help with termite issues

Empty house next door is getting termite-fumigated. The fumigation company has sent me a “Neighbor's Permission Form” that tells me what to do to make things easier for them, and asks me to sign a statement that I've read and understood their instructions.

It's oddly peremptory in tone, and it's vague about who's supposed to do what (I can't tell if they're telling me that I must dismantle part of my fence for them before Monday morning, or if they're asking for permission to do so themselves; they also don't mention restoring it afterward). And the phrasing of it makes me suspect that they haven't actually looked at the space in question, or else that they're using a form letter that doesn't apply to the space in question.

I tried calling them to find out what they're talking about, but it's the Fourth of July so of course there's nobody there. Their office hours are Monday to Friday, and they plan to start the fumigation this coming Monday. I gather that the real estate person who gave me the form yesterday was supposed to have given it to me earlier, so maybe the timing isn't the company's fault, but it does complicate things.

I should probably have termite inspectors come and look at my house at some point, but I won't be using this company.

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