Good weekend

This weekend went surprisingly well in various ways:

  • I completed something like a dozen to-do items that I had been putting off, for no reason, for anywhere from a day to five years, and made progress on a few other overdue tasks and projects.
  • I got some housework done.
  • I went to sleep before 12:30 a.m. and got over seven hours of sleep on two consecutive nights.
  • I took a long afternoon nap.
  • I played a fair number of video games and watched a fair bit of TV, and saw the new Avengers movie.
  • I read some prose fiction and caught up on a couple of comic-book series. (Best of the prose fiction: Mary Anne's as-yet-unpublished story “Webs.” Best of the comics: Loki: Agent of Asgard issue 13, the culmination of a major storyline.)
  • I barely left the house, except to walk to the bookstore to pick up a couple of books.
  • I got some time with Kam, and had a couple of nice chats with others.
  • I ate some tasty Indian food, which was delivered to my house.
  • I read some letters my mother wrote to her parents during and after college.
  • I posted a couple of blog entries, after a couple of weeks of not posting.

I'm still sad about my aunt Kathleen's death, of course. And there are, of course, many overdue tasks still on my to-do list that I didn't make any progress on; for example, I made very little progress on fiction-writing (though I may finally have found a way into the revised opening of my novel), and I still owe email to bunches of people, as always. But even so, it somehow managed to be both an unusually productive weekend and an unusually full-of-leisure-activities weekend. Which was good; I needed some downtime.

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