Today is a downtime day.

Last night, after some work on a Mysterious Project that went quite well, I got 7 hours of sleep; then after being awake for a few minutes, went back to sleep and got 3 more hours of sleep. I really really needed that, after two weeks of averaging 5 hours a night. Many thanks to NyQuil, a dark quiet room, earplugs, white noise (a fan), and my standard going-to-sleep music. Also helpful: not having anything scheduled for today.

I've had almost no alone-time in the past two weeks (except when asleep), and much as I love spending time with all y'all, there comes a time when I just need to be by myself. So my plan for today is to not leave my hotel room and not interact with anyone face-to-face if I can help it.

Woke up for real around noon, ate leftover pizza, have been lounging about in bed with my computer. Fixed a bug in Strange Horizons PHP code, a bug which I introduced years ago by using a standard PHP shorthand that's apparently no longer valid; apologies to all authors who got the worrying “not a valid ID” error message. Spent some time on Facebook. Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the day, but I expect it to be spent in glorious solitude. Maybe some reading, maybe some writing, maybe working on to-do list. Maybe napping. We'll see.

Tonight, I hope to get more sleep. Tomorrow, I hope to venture forth into Alumni Weekend and my 25th-year class reunion with renewed vigor. Sunday, I'll be flying home.

...I would close with my usual “and I'll never leave home again” thing, but in fact this time I'll be off on another (much briefer) trip two weeks from now.

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