I posted a bunch of blog entries back in September, but then I stalled. Not just on blogging; on pretty much all of my projects and pretty much all forms of writing other than Facebook posts.

I posted only two entries in October, and three in November, and none at all in December until now.

As I wrote in the only APA 'zine I've managed to write in recent months, I'd like to blame the election for this, but the stalling started well before the election. Not sure what's up.

Tonight I started to write a big update post—avoiding talking about US political stuff, just some assorted bits of my life in recent months. But then I realized that if I make it all one post, I may never finish and post it.

So instead, this is a sort of meta-post, and next I'll post about some bicycle stuff, and then I may post some other stuff if I get around to it.

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