Another FBI-file update

In today's mail: Another envelope from the FBI! In response to my FOIA request about my father, which I filed in 2012. (See also my past entries on this topic.)

Today's missive contains no new info; it's a couple of pages explaining that (as I already knew) my father wasn't close friends with William Hamilton Martin (of Martin and Mitchell fame), but did know him casually. Amusingly, Martin's name is redacted in all but one of the instances.

Also, oddly, the enclosed checklist explaining the reason for the redactions said that it was to avoid violating personal privacy. I'm guessing that they use that reason for all redactions of names, but given that Martin died in 1987, and given that his story is widely known, redacting his name for privacy reasons seems a little overzealous. But I suppose I'd rather they go too far in maintaining privacy than not far enough.

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