Many socials

I guess the sequence started in April? Mary Anne visited the weekend of the 7th and we went to Speakeasy. The 15th was Hamilton in San Francisco. KTO visited the weekend of the 22nd (and we stopped by Stanford for parts of a one-day symposium on sf and gender and such, featuring Chip Delany et alia).

Then my own travel began: I visited family in Southern California the weekend of the 29th. The weekend of May 5, I had no big plans, but the weekend of the 12th I was off to Portland, for the Write the Docs tech-writing conference. That lasted 'til Tuesday the 16th; I flew home, then flew to Chicago on Wednesday the 17th. Helped prepare for, and then attended, Mary Anne and Kevin's anniversary party (Saturday the 20th of May); stayed in Oak Park until Thursday the 25th, when it was time to drive to Madison for WisCon. Briefly back to Oak Park post-WisCon, then flew home on Tuesday the 30th.

By which point I was exhausted and wanted to never leave home again, but it was clear that I wasn't going to get to see Kam much for a while, so I went up to her place for the weekend, and while I was there I attended two talks at the East Bay Book Festival (Roxane Gay and Lindy West) and then stopped briefly by a friend's party.

The following week, which was last week, Kam stayed at my place for a couple days 'cause she was on the Peninsula for work, and then I hid at home for most of the weekend.

Then on Monday I flew up here to Seattle for a three-day work thing. I'm heading home on Saturday.

(Today is the group fun day for the work thing. Part of it did sound like fun to me: floating down a river, or riding a gentle horse. But it's at Suncadia, east of the Cascades. So I would've had to be at the office at 8 am, then would've spent two hours on a bus filled mostly with people I don't know, then spent a couple hours doing a team-building exercise (I hate those), then had a group lunch with mostly people I don't know. Then the relaxing fun part, then a group barbecue dinner with the people I don't know, then another two-hour bus ride back to the office. It would've been stressful and exhausting at the best of times, and I've been low on social energy for weeks now. So I decided to instead spend the day ensconced in my hotel room, working.)

After I get home on Saturday, I'll have a blissful week and a half at home, before heading off to Chicago again for the SLF writing workshop. And I'll stay there for a week after the workshop. The Fourth of July will be the 20th anniversary of the day I met Mary Anne. I had been thinking of attending NASFiC in Puerto Rico but just learned that it's that same week, and I don't think I'm up to another convention so soon.

After that, home again, and then I have no specific plans for at least a couple of months. (I still haven't decided whether I'm attending Worldcon in August; I'd better decide soon.)

So that all adds up to about three months of either having visitors or traveling, with a week or so on my own here and there in between.

It's all been good; I've enjoyed all of it, and it's been great to see everyone I've managed to see. (And apologies to all those I haven't managed to see.) But it adds up, and I could definitely use some downtime.

(And I've barely blogged at all in the past month-plus. As usual, there are plenty of things I want to write about, but as usual, I haven't been making the time to do so.)

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