Cyclical stuff

Last night, in a successful effort to procrastinate on some overdue work tasks, I looked up how much a nearby house recently sold for, which indirectly led me to update the list of assets in my will. (My will, such as it is, is currently just a text file in the Documents folder of my computer.) And I was startled to see that the last time I had updated that document was exactly two years ago. I suppose this is a time of year when I think about mortality, even if not consciously.

Here’s the bit that I’m willing to post publicly:

[My] possessions that aren’t financial assets should go to people who want them and will make good use of them. […]

If anyone ends up with something of mine that they don’t want, I strongly encourage them to give it away to someone who does want it […]. It’s important to me that things be used (in a loose sense of the word “used”), or at least owned by people who will appreciate and care about them. In other words, please don’t take something you don’t want just because you think I might have wanted you to have it.

Oh, and this make-use-of-things principle applies to my body as well. I’m an organ donor; I would love to see every piece of my body put to good use, ideally in organ recipients but also for scientific purposes or whatever. Anything that there’s no use for, I would just as soon see buried in such a way that it’ll be used as plant and worm food and otherwise return to the soil and support life; but I recognize that that’s impractical and/or illegal in most contexts, so I guess cremation is the way to go. I’d rather not be embalmed in a sealed box.

The other thing that prompted this entry is that I saw a Facebook post from a year ago in which I talked about spending a long time on the phone with Apple tech support over a mysterious iPad issue. Coincidentally, I did that yesterday, too. I have about six current very mysterious tech issues going on around here. They ended up giving me some useful starting points for how to address the three of them that I asked about; no resolutions yet, but may be able to make some progress. But I really ought to wait to work on that, ’cause I should spend any spare time today and tomorrow preparing for FOGcon this weekend.

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