Family letters: early 1970

Including the first announcement of my brother’s birth!

January 26, 1970
In which Marcy asks for baby clothes and advice about using a wringer washer, and writes about food, and rehabilitation, and sundry other things. “How is it that we never have any time? If wishes were horses, if turnips were watches, if sitting down & thinking a letter could get it recorded…”
February 9, 1970 (postcard)
A quick thank-you note for a present. “Jed was delighted w/the wrapping.”
March 5, 1970
In which my brother is born! (…And Peter suffers various physical ailments.) “he’s BEAUTIFUL, healthy, has great ears, an outstanding nose, & wise alert eyes, a strong grasp, a strong suck, a penetrating cry, dark hair[…]”

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