Family letters: mid-1970

A brief letter and two postcards from my mother, with assorted quick news and thank-yous.

March 29, 1970
In which Marcy sends photos of Jay, and some thank-yous, and assorted other news. “Jed was absolutely delighted with the card – he just latched on to it & kept holding it & we had to read it to him about 30 times.”
June 6, 1970 (postcard)
In which Marcy mentions an upcoming visit by George and Helen, and a planned move. “Better hurry & get here, ’fore your grandchildren are readin’ & writin’ & figurin’”
July 24, 1970 (postcard)
In which Marcy asks for a bike, talks about carrot juice, and gives brief kid news. “Jed & Peter both have short haircuts & neither has a beard any more.”

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