Family letters: late 1971

Apparently these family-letters posts are all I’m using my blog for these days. Some day I’ll get back to posting other things too.

This week in my family history project: A letter from my father (about birthday presents and parapsychology), a letter from my mother (about Marmite and winter clothes), and a postcard “from” me (about Children’s Fairyland), all written in late 1971 and early 1972.

November 2, 1971
In which Peter asks his parents to read Pursuit of Loneliness (as a birthday present to Peter), asks his parents to join a pyramid scheme, and describes a psi experiment that he’s planning.
“you’d stand to realize, if the chain remained unbroken, […] the sum of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.”
November 10, 1971
In which Marcy extols the virtues of Marmite, asks George and Helen to send winter clothes, and recounts Jay’s vocabulary.
“A thick black sauce, it tastes almost unbearable just plain, but verra verra tasty mixed in with bland things like cream cheese”
January 16, 1972
In which Jed and Laurel go to Children’s Fairyland.

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