Family letters: August, 1971

I’m posting four cards and letters this week instead of the usual three; this week covers the rest of our family’s 1971 trip to Philadelphia to see my mother’s mother.

It also features the first two letters “from” me—at least one of them includes at least one direct quote from me, but I’m otherwise uncertain to what degree I really had anything to do with them.

August 2, 1971
A postcard from Wyoming. “Wyoming is very conscious of children.”
August 3, 1971
In which 3-year-old Jed sees a bear at Yellowstone. “bears are dangerous & they can swat you with their paws”
August 9, 1971
Letter “from” Jed to George and Helen, along with passing along a postcard from Jed to Ethel. “Please keep this postcard for me till I get there.”
August 18, 1971
The only substantial missive in this week’s batch.
Marcy describes the trip to Philadelphia and how her mother was doing. “perhaps the most useful thing of all (for the trip, anyway) was leaving all that extraneous junk behind”

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