1972, November-ish: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Peter started the job at Rising Sun Awareness House, in Tracy, around early October, 1972, and this letter appears to have been written about three weeks later. I don’t know which photos Marcy was referring to here.

This is another letter written on an Another Mother for Peace notecard, with their sunflower logo on the front. No envelope, return address, stamp, or postmark on this; I assume it was mailed inside an envelope.

Dear Granfolks

A long letter to you actually fell into the lake, as no doubt Patty told you with disbelief. All about our 2-day vacation at Clear Lake (near where Harbinger used to be) and lovely wonderful trip to Marine World. I won’t bore you with the details, since you’ve been to similar places; but for this one: man puts head between jaws of killer whale:::Peter: “Hey, Jed, look at that! What do you think of that?”

Jed: “Oh, yeah, I saw that on television.”

Anyway, involved in our frantic monthly billpaying episode (episode? disaster!! search for the lost documents due many days ago) I discovered these pictures, thought I’d send them along before the resemblance was completely outgrown. We actually just had them printed from slides taken by Jeffrey Mishlove (who you liked so much, Grandma) at the Eucalyptus grove on campus last December.

Soon I will write you a decent letter—Peter has started (today) to stay at Awareness House weekday nights, which he hadn’t been doing much for the 1st 3 weeks. (It’s a magnificent program!)

Peace be with you


(This was supposed to be a thank you letter, for all the lovely goodies. Thank you!)

P. S. Got the package, too. J&J will send notes of thanks very soon. Shorts fit perfectly!


I assume this was Patty Bartram, George’s cousin. (Specifically, George’s uncle Pope’s daughter.)
For more about the Harbinger commune, see the October 1968 letter to George and Helen and the next few after that.
Jeffrey Mishlove
See note at end of an earlier letter.

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