Family letters: mid-1973

This week in my family history project:

  • Peter is unhappy about his work situation.
  • Notes about what Jay and I want to be when we grow up and how Marcy’s garden is going.
  • We suddenly shift course and start a foster home.
April 16, 1973
In which Peter is unhappy about his work situation. “even though on the surface, mine seems like a very beautiful job (and is in some ways), yet there are many other hidden factors which are leading me to seek another position.”
May 10, 1973
Assorted updates: What Jay and I want to be when we grow up; a visit from Uncle Paul; Peter helps a suicidal man change his life; how Marcy’s garden is going; Peter plans to get a graduate degree in Psych.
“Joaquin will be in the orchestra too, after he’s finished being a refrigerator truck.”
Mid- to late 1973
Meta writeup from me: Not a letter, but a description of what was going on in the six-month gap between the previous letter and the next substantive dated one (which I’ll post in a couple weeks).
The biggest thing that happened during that gap is that Peter and Marcy started “Hearthlight,” a foster home for (as they phrased it at the time) “mentally and emotionally disturbed teenagers.”

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