Family letters: Fall-ish 1973

This week in my family history project:

Several undated “letters” that consist mostly of art by me and Jay with accompanying descriptions of what the art is intended to portray.

…I’ve also now updated my meta entry from last week, because I realized that I left out an entire address! I think this six-month gap between letters in 1973 must have included the period when we briefly lived at our family friend Donna’s house, in Woodacre, in Marin County, among the redwoods.

…Next week there’ll be at least one substantive letter, from after a couple of the foster kids had arrived. But this week, it’s all kid art, all the time.

Fall-ish, 1973
Five undated notes, mostly involving art by Jed and Jay, with descriptions.
“This is a give-away machine. If anybody wants to give away something, you put it in here.”

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