Family letters: April–May 1974

This week in my family history project:

Three brief notes from me, hand-written in large shaky block capitals.

Also a long letter from Peter that consists largely of an extended quote from the I Ching.

April, 1974
In which I (having just turned 6) like Star Trek, and I have four foster brothers. Also: “I HAVE A NEW CHESS SET[…]. I‘M NOT BRAGGING ABOUT IT”
April 12, 1974
In which Peter consults the I Ching about whether Grandpa George should retire or not. Plus a side note from me that says “We'll send you an Easter present even if you don't send us an Easter present, and you can send your Easter present a little later than Easter, if you want to send one.”
May 18, 1974
A brief thank-you note from me.

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