That was the week that wasn’t

I’ve been off work this week. Which has been really nice, but I’ve done very little of what I planned to do with my time off.

And that’s fine; rest and relaxation are good. I don’t need to be productive all the time.

But even so, it does feel a little like the week slipped by without my noticing it.

Things I had intended to do this week included:

  • Make some progress sorting papers.
  • Work on a couple of lightweight coding projects.
  • Make some phone calls.
  • Do a bit of day-job work that I had said I would do by the end of the year. (I had even thought I might spend a whole workday on this, in which case I would unmark that day as a vacation day.)
  • Keep up with daily Duolingo, piano, guitar, and exercise.
  • Finish up my end-of-year donations.
  • Read a couple of books to reach a nice round number in my unread-books project.

Things I’ve ended up doing included:

  • Reading. (I did reach the hoped-for number, and continued on, so that’s been nice.)
  • A little progress on donations. (I need to get the rest of them done today and tomorrow.)
  • Posting a bunch of stuff to social media. (This furthers my goal of reducing my vast backlog of links-to-post, but I could perhaps have done a little less of it.)
  • Keeping up with Duolingo. (Of the other daily items, I’ve done piano practice most days (but not as regularly as usual), but very little of the guitar and exercise.)
  • Attending an online roundsing (which was, alas, plagued with technical difficulties) and an online concert.
  • Sleeping longer than usual. (Though also staying up later than usual, which I’ll need to stop doing next week when I’m back to having early-for-me morning meetings.)
  • Starting to put away some file folders. I felt good about that—I’ve had a few stacks of file folders waiting to be filed in my various filing cabinets for years, and I recently bought some hanging files to put them in, and the other day I finally put some of them in the hanging files and put the hanging files in the cabinets. Very satisfying.

So I have been doing some stuff. But even so, there’ve been a few days this week when I’ve looked up and discovered that it was late afternoon and I had barely gotten started on my day.

Plans for today include:

  • Phone calls.
  • Pick up new glasses, if optometrist is open.
  • Finish donations.
  • Get through everything else on my to-do list for this week. :)

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