A few good things

(That title seems like it ought to be the title of a crossover fic between A Few Good Men and The Thing. “The truth? You can’t handle the truth! The truth is I’m a shapeshifting alien!” Nom nom nom)

A few good things lately:

  • A week or so ago, I improved the lighting in a couple of rooms in my house.
  • Yesterday, I did two or three things that I’ve been putting off for weeks or months. (There are still a couple of other things that I’ve been putting off for varying lengths of time, which are contributing to my general grumpiness; still, it was nice to get some things done.)
  • Today, I replaced the flapper in my toilet tank, and so far the new one seems to be preventing the occasional running water I was hearing there. (This is another thing I’ve been putting off for a couple weeks.)
  • I continue to occasionally not do Duolingo for a couple days at a time; but unlike most of my previous experiences with Duo, I’ve been coming back to it within a couple days, instead of letting a broken streak lead me to drop it entirely for months. I’m not progressing very quickly, but I’m definitely progressing.
  • I’ve been looking for the case for my headphones for weeks. Found it today—it was in my suitcase, some things from which I apparently never got around to unpacking after my last trip.
  • At the grocery store today, I happened across an item that they’ve never had before, and that I had been expecting to have to go to San José if I wanted to get. (And therefore had been expecting not to have time to get it.)
  • Among the papers that I sorted earlier, I found a set of four Pluto/New Horizons postage stamps that I had forgotten I owned.
  • I’ve been listening to some music that I like. …And some that I don’t like so much, but even those songs are from the several albums that I’ve bought but not listened to in the past couple years, so even the ones that I don’t like are progress.

None of that is really helping with the grumpiness. But progress is good.

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  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    I derived amusement from your introductory parenthetical. Thank you.


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