First pass on old papers done

On the one hand, I’m still feeling kinda generally grumpy.

On the other hand, I’m also feeling a little triumphant (grumphant?), because I have finished going through my boxes of old papers.

Or at least I’ve finished the first pass of doing that.

I now have the following:

  • One plastic bin full of papers to be filed in file folders and put away in filing cabinets. I’ll dispose of some percentage of those as I go, but at least that bin no longer contains any unopened mail, nor anything in the other categories below.
  • A tallish stack of things to read, or at least glance at before disposing of. These are college alumni magazine issues, newspapers containing articles about people I’m interested in, pamphlets, etc. Also a fair bit of sheet music (such as music for rounds); most of that will end up either in folders/binders on a shelf, or recycled if I don’t want it.
  • A shortish stack of instruction manuals and guides for all sorts of tools and devices and other objects. These will probably end up in the kitchen drawer where I keep such things.
  • A shortish stack of blank paper and stickers and folders and such (including a bunch of Girl Genius stuff) that I’ll either use or put on my giveaway list.
  • A shortish stack of things that need my attention. This is the one that’s the most time-sensitive, and also the one that I’m most anxious about. But there’s nothing here that’s really urgent.

(There’s a certain amount of overlap among some of those categories; in an effort to not get bogged down, I made a bunch of quick decisions that may not have been consistent with each other. That was fine, with the understanding that I’ll be doing a second pass later.)

…There’s also a bunch of recycling and some trash, but most of that has already been disposed of. There are also a few assorted non-paper items that I’ll deal with in my non-paper-items giveaway pass whenever I get to that.

I think I no longer have any old unopened mail, which may be a post-college first for me. (But it’s possible there are still some stacks or boxes of paper that I just haven’t noticed yet, especially in the garage. I’m unlikely to even look at the boxes in the garage until I’ve completely finished with all the current paper.)

Anyway, there’s still lots of work to be done here, but I am quite pleased to have finished the first pass. I’ve done this kind of pass before, several times, but always got sidetracked before getting through everything, so this is a nice milestone.

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