Additions to my website

A couple months ago, I noticed that for the past six years, a big part of my WordPress website (the section labeled “Hodgepodge”) had consisted of a placeholder page containing a paragraph of lorem ipsum text.

Ever since then, I’ve been transferring everything over from my old static pages to WordPress. I’ve now finished doing that.

In the process, I also organized things a little better, added some material that wasn’t there before (including my 2004 story “The Last of the Zeppelins” and my 1990 story “All Through the Night”), and set up my 3D-graphics-in-VRML pages to let people see and play with the 3D models right there in a web browser.

All very pleasing. The site is still a little chaotic, and arguably I should remove the “Hodgepodge” page and instead put stuff in the site menu. But for now, the site is far more usable and coherent than it’s been for at least the past six years, and maybe ever.

I’ll provide a couple of links below. But first, a couple more notes:

  • A lot of this material is stuff that I wrote in the 1990s and posted because of the old adage “I didn’t know what to do with it, so I put it on the web.” Some of that material is still kinda fun and/or interesting, but a lot of it is very dated, and is only provided as a historical curiosity. I may eventually take some of that stuff down—for example, I probably don’t need to keep hosting half a dozen pages that I wrote about specific “forward this to everyone you know” chain letters from the 1990s.
  • The two erotica stories are, of course, NSFW. So are a couple of other pieces. But I think everything is clearly enough marked to not be a surprise.
  • Various software/web tools (such as the “A + B = Awesome” Pitchbot) are not yet integrated into the WordPress site.
  • There’s still work to be done on various parts of the site; for example, the situation-puzzles section still needs a lot of work.

A couple of specific links to examples of things I’ve now posted:

  • The top-level VRML page; the sub-pages include 3D models that you can view in your web browser.
  • Three “Tall Tales” that I wrote and posted in the alt.callahans Usenet newsgroup in the 1990s.
  • The Hodgepodge page, which includes both of the above sets of pages as well a few dozen other works of fiction, verse, code, nonfiction, math, and more.

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