1968, October 9: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Undated, but the facts that it was sent from Harbinger and that I weighed 17 pounds suggest that it was late 1968 or early 1969. I have an unattached envelope that may have gone with this letter, the postmark on which is October 9, 1968. I’m guessing that it was written shortly after the previous letter.

Written in pencil on a sheet of yellow/orange notepaper with a Gemini symbol (and Gemini-related bit of art) at the upper right corner. As far as I know, Gemini was of no particular significance to my parents, so I assume the paper was part of a zodiac set that had a different zodiac symbol on each sheet.

Harbin Hot Springs






Peter missed a few things—

- that we visited Paul & Linda at Stanford. They really seemed happy, but I rather think Linda will be glad to get back to Washington where her friends are.

- and that your favorite grandson weighs 17¼ pounds and can turn over by himself in both directions (though sometimes he turns to his front & is very surprised about being there so suddenly) and is beginning to resemble a zeppelin more than anything. Still he hasn’t much hair, but he’ll have plenty for a long time—

- we’re really serious about hoping you can stop here on your way home—fly to S.F. & we’ll pick you up; then take the train or return to S.F. inserted above line, with a caret: about 2 hours by car & fly from there. You simply will not be able to believe what a fine, fantastic place this is until you feel it for yourselves—& then you will be glad for us & with us. The Questions & Answers Peter enclosed are not nearly indicative of the intensity & dedication & seriousness of the people here. You will be amazed & delighted.

- Hope your stay in NY is exciting & enlightening—more things, in case you missed them: St. Patricks’ Cathedral; Delancey & Essex sts shopping district; Grants’ tomb (it’s rather funny & sombre); buy The Village Voice for list of exciting things happening on back page ——— take care

love from P M J

…To be clear, when Marcy wrote your favorite grandson, that was a joke; I was their only grandson at the time, and their only grandchild who they knew about.

I’m pleased to report that I can still turn over by myself in both directions. And that I do indeed have plenty of hair. And that I was mentioned in conjunction with zeppelins so early in my life.

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