1969, January 31: Letter from Peter to G&H

Post-Harbinger, Peter applies for many jobs but fails to get one. “doing odd-jobs around the place (plenty odd, like stringing barb-wire fencing, collecting guinea-pig manure for the organic compost-heap i’m building, building spice-racks for kitchen, repairing a shower-flex-hose, changing baby’s diapers, mopping floors, painting tarot cards, cooking (soups & salads)”

1969, February 18: Letter from Peter to G&H

In which Peter and Marcy become members of the Church of World Messianity and learn to channel healing spiritual light. “The technique of Johrei is to channel the Divine Light of God into the person's spiritual body, and this radiant energy clears away or dissipates or disintegrates the spiritual clouds…”

1969, March 20: Letter from Peter to G&H

In which Peter and Marcy and Jed bake bread and visit two of Peter’s brothers. “If you liked the bread, it was because of the fantastically good leftovers here--there was that morning's leftover oatmeal in it, and leftover rice, and leftover miso-soup[…], plus whole-wheat flour, rice flour, soya flour, […] and honey… and of course the vital ingredient, love…”