1969, July 31: Postcard from Marcy to G&H

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Image description printed on postcard: “Golden Gate Bridge at sundown. This breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge was taken from the Marin County side of the bridge and shows San Francisco in the background.”

(Postcard apparently created by “E. F. Clements, 85 Bluxome St., San Francisco, Calif. 94107”; also, “Color by Mike Roberts, Berkeley, Calif. 94710.”)

Marcy’s note, written on the postcard:

Well, it was a case of mistaken symptoms, & she was pregnant all the time anyway! Next grandchild due in Jan, Feb, or March – keep your eyes peeled for later bulletins.

love, Peter, Marcy & Gentle Jed

…I’m a little confused by this one; it’s written in Marcy‘s handwriting, but it refers to Marcy (I assume) as she. I’m guessing the phrasing was meant as a joke, and that this was primarily just a note to confirm that Marcy was indeed pregnant.

Facebook post for this letter.

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