1973, December 3: Kid art from Jay

Two pieces of art by Jay, with descriptions transcribed by Marcy.

These should have been part of the previous post, but I didn’t find them until much later.

First one: at the bottom of the art, it says “Joaquin 12-3-73.”

Kid art by Jay
Kid art by Jay

Dear Grandpa

This is a picture about… somebody climbing down here (red to blue spot at top), but he sees a little spot of white, so he runs. His name is Groinka haffa hoofa pap. Nobody can see what he’s doing because there’s so much paint.

from Joaquin

Thank you for your beautiful letter. That moon looks like a ship, but there’s a DANGEROUS thing in this picture, and it’s this green thing. It’s a tiger in a tractor but his arm is hanging on to the back of his pack, but he only has one arm. And



This is the place where he gets off his bus. (White spot at bottom)

Second one: Undated, but I think from around the same time, given the “3½” comment in the text. (It’s possible this was a piece by me from a couple years earlier, but I’m guessing not.)

Kid art by Jay
Kid art by Jay

It’s about somebody that ran because they saw a little speck of dirt. Who it’s to is Grandpa and Granma in Tacoma. The person saw a C so they started spelling out ONE, but they started learning to spell BATHTUB But they took an A.... This is a big carrot & nobody’s eating it. This isn’t a very good Y. (please note C, X, Y, 4, M, 7 & 1) There’s somebody that walking & it’s the same one about the speck. Somebody that stole x something from somebody’s pocket while they were sleeping. They didn’t get arrested because nobody saw them that would arrest them. (Verbatim. 3½ years old!!!)



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