Date unknown: Recipe for Turkey Loaf Shepherd’s Pie

A recipe, on a recipe card, in Marcy’s handwriting. We had this dish for dinner now and then, but I don’t think of it as a huge favorite or anything; I don’t know why it’s the only recipe that I have from Marcy. Possibly George or Helen particularly liked it, and asked Marcy for the recipe at some point?

I have no idea what the date on this was, but it was with Marcy’s gratitude lists (possibly just because the card it’s written on is roughly the same size as those), so I’m arbitrarily posting it with those.

Turkey Loaf Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Boil about 10 potatoes, drain and mash them with 2 eggs and a little of the cooking water
  2. Oil a pie or casserole dish and put potatoes in it
  3. Cook x 1 # grond turkey on a pan. cut up some onion (½ or ¼ of an onion in small pieces) and cook with the turkey. Add a little salt, 1 pinch cayenne, cumin, and a little flour to make it thick. Spread on top of potatoes. bake at 350° 325° about half an hour. Serve with salad & cooked vegetable.


I may be misreading grond; it might really say groud. Either way, I assume that it was meant to say ground.

Unrelated: The other item that was with the gratitude lists and the recipe was a couple pages from one of the church’s prayer books. The prayers shown on those pages are memorial-service prayers; I don’t know whether someone intentionally took those pages from a prayerbook (possibly after Marcy’s death in 1980), or whether they just happened to fall out a prayerbook and someone put them in with the letters for lack of anywhere else to put them.

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