1974, September 6: Kid art from Jay

Art by Jay, with description transcribed by Marcy.

Kid art: Ducks, trucks, and dolphins.
Kid art: Ducks, trucks, and dolphins.

At the bottom of the art, it says “JOAQUIN 8-7-74”, so it apparently took most of a month between Jay painting this and Marcy mailing it.

Sept 6, 1974

Dear Grandma-in-Tacoma,

Thank you for the good socks and the good pants and the good underwear. I liked my valentine pants. I liked my good shirt, too.

The painting story is somebody some man was diving into a pond and he wanted to catch a duck. But as soon as he touched its tail, it died. And the other things that were happening in the xxx country, the orange lines, were some men, standing up & taking the food out of their trucks and putting it in the fruit stand. And some xxx dolphins underwater were searching for the duck in the ocean. (It was a duck that was used to the ocean.) And finally they found the bottom of it, and they said, “what was that?” And the dolphins swam up to the surface and said, “There’s some meat xxx for me." And the dolphin ate it.

And that’s all.

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