1974, November(?): Note from Jay to G&H

A brief note in Marcy’s handwriting, on behalf of Jay. It’s undated, but at some point, Helen labeled it as “Fall ’74.” But that annotation and the phrase “We’ll be here” and the fact of the November ’74 Philadelphia trip are leading me to guess that this was written in Philadelphia, so I’m putting it in the chronological sequence just after Marcy’s November ’74 letter from Philadelphia.

Dear Grandma & Grandpa

I cut out these triangles for you, and I folded them all by myself.

I have new shoes.

I had a balloon. The people that xxx “gave” me my new shoes gave me a balloon, and it never popped, but once it did.

love, from


Written sideways in margin: ’Quin would love to get a letter—We’ll be here till next Thursday, I think.

Helen later underlined here and added a question mark, presumably to indicate that she wasn’t sure where this letter was written from.

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