1975, January 15: Letter from Marcy to G&H

A short letter on a 6"x8" piece of heavy-ish paper designed to be folded and sealed and mailed without an envelope. The back of the paper has printed on it a nice line-art-and-watercolors(?) picture of assorted vegetables.

Marcy didn’t put a date on the letter, but the postmark says January 15, 1975, and Helen at some point wrote that same date at the top of the letter.

Dear Grandfolks

Just wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten you — but the germs & the realtors have a conspiracy to keep us from mailing our New Years Presents (we already gave up on Christmas) till Easter. The germs aren’t even willing to re-negotiate — and boy, do they ever have a strong union. But the vitamins are xxx on our side, that’s the union we recognize, and we’ll win, we’ll get those packages off — but how can we ever tell you how much we appreciated yours? Some reallll winners, I’ll have to say. The trains are just out of sight! They owned the lvg room for a while. love, Marcy


We were in the process of selling the house; see next couple of letters for more.

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