1976, July 16: Letter from Peter to Jed and Jay

Two-page handwritten letter, on lined paper, sent during Jed and Jay’s month in Tacoma.

xxx16 July 1976

Our address redacted by Jed

Cotati 94928

Hi Jed, Hi Joaquin--

It was so nice to talk with you yesterday -- I was glad to hear about swimming & Johrei & that the poison oak had gone.

Well, Marcy & I just realized that we hadn’t sent you boys’ allowances for quite a while (it seems like so long you’ve been gone -- three weeks is a long time I guess) -- so anyway here is four weeks allowance each and a dollar bonus to share.

We rented middle room to a man named Bob, but he hasn’t moved in yet -- he spent his childhood in Costa Rica and Cuba.

Jed, I hope you’re remembering to rest your eyes after every page you read. Joaquin, I enjoyed receiving & reading your letter!

Have any aunts, uncles, or grandparents asked you for any Johrei Light yet? We pray for you, and for them, every day, and ask for God’s guidance, blessings, & protection.

Anyway, we hope you’re having a wonderful time--



Added at top of page, in Marcy’s handwriting:

Hey, this is from me, too. All the kids miss you.

love & kisses


Written sideways in margin, in Peter’s handwriting:

P.S. We had a Redwood School meeting, and selected a new teacher for fall. Her name is Eileen Jang, a Chinese woman (she speaks & writes Chinese), & she is very nice.


I have no memory of Bob, but then I have no memory of having any subletters in that Cotati house.
Eileen Jang
That name sounds very vaguely familiar, but I don’t remember her, either.

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