1978, February 23: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Fold-up stationery with flowers.
Fold-up stationery with flowers.

I originally marked this as February 1976, but on closer inspection of the postmark, I see that it clearly says 1978. So I’m moving it to two years later.

Brief handwritten letter on a fold-up-and-mail notecard.

Apparently George and Helen had recently visited us in Cotati. I think they must have driven down from Tacoma in their RV, which I think they bought around this time to do some traveling in.


Hi, folks.

This is a bread-and-butter note back to you - to say thanks for coming & for all your good nesses, and for these notes, and welcome home! Bet it feels good. Our driveway looks pretty empty. Bet yours is cluttered. Hope you find all in good order, or as much as can be expected.

Looks like we have about 20 kids coming to ’Quin’s party ^^all the RSVP’s said yes except 1^^ - I’ll bake an extra layer of cake (or two) and find some games to play while we wait for the late comers returning from the scavenger hunt. What a weekend this will be.

Well, happy gardening. happy sorting. happy trotting around in your more manuverable vehicle. And all that. we love you,


Written sideways in margin P.S. what is John’s phone #?


“bread-and-butter note”
I had vaguely heard this phrase before, but wasn’t entirely sure what it connoted, so I looked it up. Apparently it usually means specifically a note thanking someone for their hospitality. So I’m guessing that George and Helen wrote something that they referred to as a bread-and-butter note, thanking us for putting them up; and Marcy maybe misinterpreted what that meant, and so called her response note to them the same thing? Not sure.

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