1981, February 8: Get-well card from Peter to George

A card with a picture of the moon on the front; turns out the image is a reproduction of the cover of Life magazine from June, 1905, a piece of art titled The Honeymoon, by C. Allan Gilbert. It can be viewed either as one face superimposed on the moon, facing the viewer, or as two faces facing each other.

The card is signed by Peter, me, Jay, and Dobe, who was apparently visiting. There’s also a note from Dobe inside the card, and a letter from Dobe attached to it, but I’m leaving those out for now.

I don’t know what medical issue George was having at the time.

8 February 1981


Hi Pop--



because we all love you & want you back on your feet and healthy! (It was so good to hear your voice today.) You can read about the man-in-the-moon picture in John’s letter.

Love from all of us--

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