1981, May 22: Letter from Jay to G&H

Handwritten letter from Jay, age 11.

May 22, 1981

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

I am home from school today because I have a stomach ache. (It could be the flu but I’m not sure.) It is about 11:30 phrase elided by Jed.

In my Little League baseball season, our team is tied for first place. We’ve won five games and lost two. last night, Peter signed Jed and I both up for soccer. My, the seasons xxx pass quickly! (Actually soccer season doesn’t start until September - they just had an early sign-up.)

I will probably be getting a daily paper route soon. My friend, who has one, says he’s going to quit pretty soon.

Peter just got a really neat toy. It’s kind of like an electric organ execpt it x is hand held and you can program so it sounds like a flute or violin or some other instruments. Also, you can have rythxm in the backround (drums and symbols) It has many other funtions I have not learned about yet.




“neat toy”
This was a Casio VL-1, aka VL-Tone. For a bit more about our VL-1, see my 2017 Facebook post.

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