1984, January 19: Letter from Peter to G&H

Two-page handwritten letter on unlined paper, on the backs of two manual pages for text-editing software called VEDIT.

Address redacted by Jed

Palo Alto, CA 94306

19 January 1984

Dear Mother & Pop—

So sorry to hear of your burn, I know it is one of the most painful injuries. Hope it is better by now. Did you use ALOE VERA on it? Either pluck a piece from a living plant (thank it first) & squeeze on the area, or buy the bottled gel: it both alleviates the pain & helps to regenerate the tissue fast.

Speaking of fast, I remember Marcy once spilled a boiling-hot cup of tea on her arm. She and two friends all immediately channeled Johrei to the burned area for 20-25 minutes. The following miracle occurred: as they watched, it got redder, and severe blisters formed. They rose, then gradually subsided. Her skin became smooth again, and all the redness disappeared. So within a half hour, no trace of any burn remained, and all the pain was gone. Of course anyone could say, “No that couldn’t happen," but three people say it did happen.

Of course, this should not be too surprising to anyone familiar with the well-known hypnotic phenomenon: a person in deep trance is told they will be touched with a hot poker. Instead they are touched with a chopstick or other non-hot object. Red blisters immediately form & when the person wakes they experience the pain of a burn.

Well I am sad that I was not there to help you when the accident occurred. Or maybe you would have refused Johrei, because I know you do not grant that it has validity. Actually, to me, whether anyone grants validity to Johrei or not, is irrelevant, because God’s power, as manifested through Johrei Light, HAS validity already. In any case, now that you’re already healed, or almost, I will say prayers for your complete recovery. You could, in the future, call me collect when you are hurt (or anytime), & I will be happy to pray for you.

P.S. Are you both enjoying the books?

Love & Light,


This is another one of those letters that leaves me unhappy with Peter. I don’t know how George and Helen reacted to this letter; they may well have seen it as a caring note from a loving son. But if I told someone that I had experienced a painful burn, and they responded by proselytizing their religion to me and telling me that their healing method works regardless of whether I believe it or not, I would not be happy about it.

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