1985, February 26: Letter from Jay to G&H

Half-page handwritten letter, on lined three-hole-punched paper. Undated, but postmarked 26 February 1985.

Here are our ages in early 1985:

Name Age
Helen 77
George nearly 73
Peter 45
Jed nearly 17
Jay nearly 15

Dear Grandma & Grandpa

Thank You very much for the hat and scarf I use them everday while doing my paper route in the morning. Peter is going to get me some running shoes spikes for my birthday, and I don’t know what else anyone is getting. I guess I’m not having a birthday party this year. xxx Track season just started, and we had time trials this last Friday, and we have a meet this Friday, I ran a 5:11 mile in the time trials, which is pretty good for a preseason time, especially since I’m only a freshman. Once again thank you for the hat and scarf.



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