1988, January 4: Letter from Jay to G&H

One-page handwritten letter on three-hole-punched lined paper.

Time is zipping by in these letters, as the gap between letters grows larger. Here are our ages in early 1988:

Name Age
Helen nearly 80
George 75
Peter 48
Jed 19
Jay 17


Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you very much for the cookies, brownies, and “blackberry spread” - I like it much better than normal jelly or jam. Again, I would like to apologize for not coming up for Christmas; I really would like to visit. Besides seeing most of my friends that are back from college, I finished my own college applications during break. Three sentences redacted by Jed.

Helen circled “Thank you” and wrote, in the margin: for candy

I watched the Seahawks game on Sunday - that sure was a heart-breaker. I was going for the Seahawks all the way, and I never have liked the Oilers. Oh, well, it would not have mattered if the xxx Seahawks x had won, because our 49ers are going to win it all, regardless. (You can quote me on this.) Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas, and thanks again for the baked goods.



P.S. Thank you for the complement on the Oracle. I’ll send more as they come out.

In margin, Helen wrote: Good job

P.P.S. Here is one of my senior portraits.


The high school newspaper that Jay worked on.

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