1991, January 4: Letter from Jay to G&H

One-page handwritten letter on unlined paper. Jay was 21, and was in college.

4 January 1991

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I hope you had a great Christmas, and I wanted to thank you in advance for the baked goods which you sent me. One can only handle so much dorm food.

Well, I had a great vacation - I went to see the 49ers play the Rams at Anaheim stadium, went skiing for five days in Utah, and went to Arizona to see the Copper Bowl. Utah was really fun - the skiing was great, but it was COLD. It was sometimes ten or twenty below zero, and rarely was any more than five degrees.

In other news, I received my grades from last quarter - they weren’t bad, but I was very frustrated by them. I earned three “B plusses” and one A-. What’s frustratxing is that I studied really hard all quarter, but if I had worked just a little harder, I could have had all “A’s”

One paragraph redacted by Jed.



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