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1970, November 8: Letter from Peter to G&H

In which Peter quotes poetry from his physics textbook, and alludes to some kind of conflict with George and Helen. “Human beings […] do not like to have their settled opinions changed by a newcomer who proves he is right. Far from being pleased at being shown something new, they are angry to find their beliefs upset, particularly if those beliefs have been firmly established in childhood —— their sense of security is assailed.”

1972, October 24: Letter from Marcy and Peter to G&H

Peter and Marcy take baths; we watch the World Series on TV; Peter has to have an emergency tooth extraction; updates on Peter’s job; discussions of teaching; and more. “Picture us, Sunday afternoon, eyes fixed on the screen of our——would-you-believe?——Color TV, eating tortillas & beans, blissfully watching the World Series, cheering for Catfish and his hairy teammates, trying to be patient with Jed, who asked incessantly, ‘Is it over now?’ and ‘Will you tell me when one team wins?’”

1973, January 15: Letter from Peter and Marcy to G&H

Peter and Marcy attempt to reassure George that their financial situation isn’t so bad after all. “Please bear in mind that Peter’s original estimate was somewhat on the negative side because he was very depressed & worried about that late paycheck, & also because I do most of the keeping track of funds & he wasn’t aware of what had already been paid.”