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1973, December 10: Letter from Peter to G&H

Peter explains why he doesn’t write often, and talks about my new school, and talks about his plan to set up an altar in our home with which to pay respect to our ancestors. “I hope you will understand that this is done not in the spirit of lighting candles and paying a priest to pray somebody out of purgatory, but rather in the spirit of putting flowers on someone's grave.”

1974, December 6: Letter from Peter to G&H

In which two foster kids leave, and we are suddenly in desperate need of money again, so we prepare to move. “We're thinking very seriously about going in with about 8 other people to buy a 100-acre ranch in Mendocino county, we'd get 10 or 12 kids at $800-$1000 per each per month, and set up a survival community, schoolhouse, etc.”