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1970, November 8: Letter from Peter to G&H

In which Peter quotes poetry from his physics textbook, and alludes to some kind of conflict with George and Helen. “Human beings […] do not like to have their settled opinions changed by a newcomer who proves he is right. Far from being pleased at being shown something new, they are angry to find their beliefs upset, particularly if those beliefs have been firmly established in childhood —— their sense of security is assailed.”

1971, April 17: Letter from Marcy to G&H

In which Marcy lists assorted things that we’d been up to, including our first Easter egg hunt, and making and eating vichysoisse, and dealing with pet illness. “Joaquin ‘found’ one, nice bright delightful colors, very disappointing to find icky ol’ hardboiled egg inside. Jed got two, one of which he’d hid himself…”